INDIANAPOLIS — Primary Election Day is officially Tuesday, May 2, but Monday is your last day to cast your ballot early for Indiana’s May Primary.

In Marion County, there will be 186 places to vote on Tuesday. Early voting ends on Monday at 12 p.m., and the City-County Building is the last and only place to vote early in Marion County on Monday.

No matter which county you live in, polls across the state of Indiana will be open Tuesday from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. In Indianapolis and Marion County, voters can cast their ballot at any location in the county, as long as they are registered to vote and have their government-issued ID.

Marion County Clerk Kate Sweeney Bell says the county wants voting to be simple and easy. That’s part of why they continue to add unique places for Hoosiers to vote.

 “It doesn’t matter what side of town you live on,” Sweeney Bell said.  “If you’re a fan of the pig skin, you can go to Lucas Oil Stadium. Or if you are a fan of Pacers, you can go and vote at Gainbridge Fieldhouse and if you’re a history buff, you’re welcome to go to the President Benjamin Harrison home to vote.”

Sweeney Bell added, “You can only vote once. That’s an important thing to remember.”

According to Sweeney Bell, voters can also turn in their absentee ballots in-person.

“We are open here at the City-County Building until noon and anyone who voted absentee by mail and they haven’t mailed their ballot back, they’re welcome to turn it in here or tomorrow at any of the 186 sites across the county,” Bell said.”

Data from the clerk’s office shows that as of this weekend, around 12,387 Marion County residents have voted since early voting began on April 4. Early voting ends at noon on Monday.

You can find your Marion County voting location here: Find your voting location outside of Marion County here: