What you should know before heading to the polls on Election Day

Your Local Election Headquarters

Indiana’s general election is set for Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

While many Hoosiers voted early this year, Tuesday marks Election Day, and polls are expected to be busy, given the presidential and gubernatorial races.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re heading to the polls:

Make sure you’re registered to vote

You can check your status at indianavoters.in.gov. Simply click on “check your voting status” and enter a few details to make sure you can vote.

Learn about the candidates

Need to know more about the candidates? Find out who’s on the ballot at indianavoters.in.gov (click on “Who’s on the Ballot?”)

Check your voting location

Not sure where to vote? You can find your polling location here: indianavoters.in.gov. If you’re still not sure, contact your local county elections officePolls are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A few more things to remember:

Bring ID! To vote in Indiana, you must have a government-issued photo ID. Valid forms of identification include a driver’s license, an Indiana photo ID card, passport or military ID.

Forget your ID? If you forgot your ID, you can still cast a provisional ballot. You’ll have to show your ID to the county election office within 10 days of the election.

Leave your campaign t-shirts and signs at home. You can’t wear any clothing to a polling place that supports or opposes a candidate or political party. Leave your campaign signs at home, too.

Not registered? If you’re not registered to vote, you’ll have to wait until next time. You can register here.

Run into a problem? If you have a problem at the polls, contact the Indiana Elections Division at 317-232-3939.

You can also contact the Hoosier Voter Hotline at 866-IN-1-VOTE (866-461-8683). You can find contact information for your county election office here.

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