INDIANAPOLIS — Officials with the Marion County Election Board released turnout numbers for the 2023 municipal election, reporting that 26.3% of county residents participated in the election.

According to a news release from the board, officials reported that 164,677 people cast ballots in the 2023 election. This includes the 43,385 voters who cast absentee ballots, as well as the 119,965 who voted in person on Election Day.

Officials said the 26.3% turnout was an increase from the turnout reported in 2019, the last municipal election cycle, where 24.2% of residents participated.

“In Marion County, our election process works,” Marion County Clerk Kate Sweeney Bell said in the release. “We’re proud of the increase in voter turnout this year, and I encourage every single registered voter to exercise their right to vote in the next election. If all 630,000+ voters in our county came out to vote today, we would’ve ensured their vote counted.” 

Officials said that votes are currently being tabulated. The release said vote totals will not be considered final until provisional and military ballots are counted on Nov. 17. The Marion County Election Board is scheduled to meet to certify the election on Nov. 20.

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