INDIANAPOLIS — The gubernatorial campaign for Mike Braun, a current U.S. Senator in Indiana and a candidate for governor, announced that Braun has launched his first statewide television ad in his campaign.

According to a news release from the campaign, the ad, titled “Strong Leadership,” centers around Braun’s business background, his time as a U.S. Senator and Braun’s approach if he is elected governor. The campaign has put $1.5 million behind the ad buy, aimed at reaching voters across the state.

“I am excited to share my vision with Hoosiers, highlight my record as a strong conservative leader, and make it clear to Hoosiers where I stand on the issues they care about,” Braun said in the release. “And I want to thank the thousands of grassroots Hoosiers who have donated their hard-earned money to put me in the position to launch such a robust advertising campaign.”

This comes after many candidates have announced their intention to join the Republican primary for the state’s governor position. According to previous reports, the candidates include:

  • Brad Chambers, Indiana’s former secretary of commerce
  • Curtis Hill, a former Indiana Attorney General;
  • Mike Braun, a current U.S. Senator for Indiana;
  • Suzanne Crouch, Indiana’s current lieutenant governor;
  • Eric Doden, the former president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation;
  • Jamie Reitenour.

In the Democratic primary, Jennifer McCormick, the former superintendent of public instruction for Indiana, and Bob Kern have announced their respective intentions to run for governor. Donald Rainwater, a Libertarian, has also announced his intention to run for the position.

In a statement previously provided to FOX59/CBS4, officials with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office said that official candidate filing for the 2024 state and federal primary election does not start until January.