Wintry blast continues in Indiana with a bitter start to Wednesday


Even colder this morning! Frosty windshields are possible, so make sure you have good visibility before you hit the roads. We’ve had wind chills as cold as ten degrees so this is still feeling like a wintry blast and a harsh beginning of December.

The morning wind chills are unpleasant and will feel like the teens until at least 10 a.m. The afternoon will be more tolerable with highs returning to the low 40s and sunshine dominating. The breeze will still feel frigid until it switches to the south tomorrow.

High pressure means we’ll keep the temperatures on repeat for the rest of the forecast period. A low to the south will toss clouds our way Thursday afternoon but other than that we stay quiet.

Only a ten percent chance for a wintry mix on Saturday but otherwise dry for the foreseeable future.

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