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Winter begins Thursday at 11:28 a.m. and we’ll see near-record heat before a major cool down comes our way.

Highs will be near 50 degrees Thursday before warming to near 60 degrees by Friday.

A cold front will cause rain late Friday through Saturday. Temperatures  will fall Saturday and rain will change to flurries.

In the colder air Sunday light snow will develop ahead of a cold front and some accumulation is likely.

Snow showers will also be likely Christmas Day.

We’ll find it a little colder overnight.

Winter begins Thursday morning.

Summer begins in the Southern Hemisphere.

Highs will be near 50 Thursday.

Rain is likely Friday and Saturday.

Highs will be near 60 degrees to end the workweek.

As temps fall rain will change to flurries this weekend.

Light snow will develop ahead of a cold front Sunday.

We had a snowy Christmas in 2004.

Snow has been sparse over the past few years.

This will the coldest Christmas Day in over a decade.

Snow showers are likely on Christmas Day.