INDIANAPOLIS – Warmer weather will enter the Hoosier State soon, but the warm up will come with an abundance of rain chances through the week.

New pattern settles in on Tuesday

Our weather pattern has been shifting over the past 36 hours, but will begin to establish itself on Tuesday. The main player in this pattern is a cold front that is currently stretched across the Central & North Central US. The front will begin to slow as it approaches the state and will eventually stall out across Northern Indiana.

With the front stalled across the state there will be a greater abundance of rain chances. Additionally, we’ll be in the middle ground between a warm & cool air mass. As a result, the rest of the week will feature overall gray weather and mild temperatures.

Looking ahead at rain chances

The first chance for rain will come as soon as Monday evening, although this is only expected to amount to a few sprinkles in parts of the state.

Tuesday will be our first chance for some real rain as the front moves into the state. A few showers will begin to develop to the southwest during the afternoon and eventually spread farther north & east. Showers will be scattered and light to moderate. Rain will continue through a good portion of the evening.

The best chance for rain this week eventually comes on Thursday. A low pressure system originating in the Southwest US will progress in our direction and moderate, steady rain will fall for a time during the second half of the day. The low will pass over the state early on Friday and a few more showers will persist through the day, though they’ll be noticeably lighter. Total rainfall from this system may be on the order of half an inch.