Warmest Christmas in over three decades

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This is going to be a great Christmas if Santa is bringing you a bike.  The scene outside Wednesday will looking nothing like it has the last several days where snow has been covering the ground.

Computer models suggest warm air moving in to the central United States for much of the upcoming week.  Looking specifically at Christmas (Wednesday), temperatures will likely be 18°-23° above normal.  The normal high temperature is around 37°

Computer model ensemble temperature anomaly Wednesday evening.

That means temperatures will be topping out in the upper 50°s and lower 60°s in the Ohio Valley and Mississippi River Valley.

If the forecast verifies, this will be the warmest Christmas in Indianapolis since 1982.  Only 20 Christmas days (14%) have produced a 50° temperature.  If the temperature can get up to 60°, this would only be the 4th day since 1871 to do that in the state capital.

  • 1893- 64
  • 1982 – 63
  • 1889 – 63


Unlike Thanksgiving, leading up to Christmas looks much easier for travel.  Very little precipitation is expected to fall (geographically speaking) over the lower 48.

The areas I have highlighted for “potential travel problems” the word “potential” should be stressed.  I don’t see any spots around the country that will have anything significant going on Christmas Eve.

That also means airports should not be impacted.  I do have Atlanta Hartsfield Airport with a “possible” Tuesday morning due to morning rain, but that looks to be quickly moving out.


The flu is widespread over the majority of the country according to the latest Centers for Disease Control Flu Index.

If flying for the holidays, be sure to take disinfectant wipes & wipe down your seat tray table, tray table latch, seat belt clasp, seat belt, window shade, the above head air vent and anything else you could possibly touch.

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