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The first half of the summer season has been wet. We’ve had measurable rain on 26 of the past 50 days. 13.84″ of rain has fallen in Indianapolis since June 1st, 5.58″ above average. The first half of the summer season has also been mild. We had five 90-degree days in June, but we have not had a 90-degree day so far this month.

We’ve entered the second half of meteorological summer, and to-date, the 90-degree days have been scarce. Passing the halfway point of meteorological summer, late July into August is considered the “Dog Days of Summer,” and we typically have 90-degree days much more regularly. Some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded for Indianapolis have occurred during this stretch of the calendar.

A cold front will move across the state Wednesday, and we’ll have lower humidity and highs will be in the mid-80s. A warm front will move north of Indiana on Friday, so our less humid conditions will not last long, and highs will be near 90 degrees through the weekend. South of the warm front, we’ll have a daily chance for rain in central Indiana that will start Friday and continue through the weekend.

This has been a mild, wet summer so far.

July has been a mild month.

We will warm up this weekend.

Rain moves back into the forecast later this week.