June 2022 was the 8th driest June on record for Indianapolis and we finished the month with temperatures 2° below average. As a result of the recent dry spell, abnormally dry soil conditions, the first stage of drought, have spread statewide.

The city has had highs in the 90s for eight of the past eighteen days and highs will stay near 90° through the 4th of July. In addition to the heat some much-needed rainfall is on the way. Widely scattered thunderstorms will develop Saturday and Sunday, giving us our 16th wet weekend of the year.

Our weather pattern will remain unsettled next week as a series of low pressure areas move across the region. The daily rain threat will continue through Thursday and some areas will receive 1-2″ of much-needed rain over the next seven days.

June was a warm, dry month.

Highs will be near 90° this weekend with a slight chance for scattered afternoon storms.

Abnormally dry soil conditions have spread statewide. A daily chance for rain next week will bring 1-2″ of rain by Friday morning.

Temperatures will warm into the 90s next week and the humidity will be in the uncomfortable range.