The first weekend of the college football season will start with warmer temperatures with kickoff temperatures near 80° in West Lafayette and in Bloomington. The heat will continue to build into the weekend with highs near 90° Friday and back in the 90s Saturday along with higher humidity.

Saturday will be a sunny day but we introduce a chance for rain Sunday. Sunday remains warm, and humid but spotty to widely scattered showers will be around off and on throughout the day. We’ll have a better chance for more widespread rainfall Monday that will affect your outdoor plans. After a warm weekend we’ll see a cool down by the middle of next week.

Welcome to September! The average high temperature falls 10° from the 1st to the 30th of the month and we also lose 1 hour and 14 minutes of daylight over the course of the month. September also the start of Meteorological Fall. This includes the full months of September, October and November. Keeping track of the seasons this way helps with statistics and record keeping. The astronomical start of fall this year is on September 22nd.

Expect a warm Thursday evening in West Lafayette to start the football season.

The average high temperature falls ten degrees in September and this month is forecast to be warmer than average.

Expect a warm Friday evening in Bloomington to start football season.

This has been a dry year and September precipitation is expected to be near average.

We’ll have a chance for rain Saturday, Sunday and Monday.