INDIANAPOLIS – Temperatures continue to rise across central Indiana as we head to the start of the week!

Monday at a glance

Chance for rain this week

As we get the warmer air approaching, so will a chance for rain showers across the state. Moisture will be available Tuesday through Thursday, with more favorable chances for rain at the beginning of the week.

Drought conditions improving

More rain on the way is good news, as the drought conditions continue to improve across the state. We may be in a slight deficit on rainfall for the month of February. But the month has only just begun. The bigger takeaway here is that we have emerged from the drought, and are now only abnormally dry in some parts of the state.

Warmer air is on the way!

We already made it to high temperatures in the 50s on Sunday. But the warm air will remain in place through the first part of the week. A pattern that resembles more of spring time temperatures will be set through Wednesday.

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