Very mild for the holiday!


It’s been a foggy start to our Christmas Eve! Visibility is very low in many spots so you may be slowed down on the roads. Fog will last for a few hours, so expecting this to be a problem all morning.

We’re forecasting another very much above average day. Monday was very enjoyable with a high of 52 degrees, and we should get there again with no problem today. The average high is only 37 degrees, so this is quite a treat for the holiday! Temperatures will be mild across the Midwest, and the coldest spots will be in the Northern Plains.

Santa should have no flight concerns tonight. The sky will just be partly cloudy, and temperatures will be ideal for heavy lifting. Lows will be very much above the average and our overnight low will actually only be as cold as our normal HIGH!

The Christmas forecast looks great as we’ll soar into the 50s, making it the warmest Christmas we’ve had since the 80s! In 1987, we had a high of 53 degrees, and in 1982, we had a high of 63°.  Interestingly enough, in 1983, we had a high temperature of -4°, which is just a wild change between those two years. It makes you wonder what 2020 will bring us.

No rain or snow is expected for Christmas, but we are anticipating rain this weekend, so we’ll continue to track that.

There’s a possibility for light snow on Monday, but no signals scream high totals. We’ll keep an eye on that, so check the forecast often.

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