Turning warmer while waiting for sunshine


It’s been a dreary start to the new week. Clouds have continued to linger in the area thanks to a temperature inversion. Typically, in the troposphere, where we are, the atmosphere is stacked in such a way that temperatures cool the higher you go. However, at roughly a mile up, there’s a layer of warmer air aloft that is trapping this low level moisture, causing our cloudy skies. This has been the pattern for much of the new year.

The cloud cover has also really put a hindrance on our temperatures. Highs on Monday afternoon only peaked in the mid and upper 20s.

Cloudy skies will continue on for the remainder of the evening. However, they will play in our favor tonight. Their presence will keep temperatures from dropping much farther from where they are now, trapping heat at the surface. That, in combination with a wind shift out of the southwest, temperatures will only drop a couple more degrees tonight. We’re already quite chilly out there now, so bundle up if you have to be outside tonight. Areas of fog will linger through the night, as well.

Tuesday will be another cloudy day but those southwesterly winds will help drive temperatures up to more seasonal levels.

We rise to the 40s by Wednesday and Thursday but the milder conditions won’t last long. A new storm system is staged to slide through the region late in the week, bringing us rain, snow and cooler temperatures. We’ll continue to analyze new data and fine tune the timing and track of this system in the coming days.

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