Tracking more wet weather for central Indiana

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Active weather in the Plains this morning.  They've got a Winter Weather Advisory because of slick early morning conditions.  That system is heading our way but won't bring us any wet weather Wednesday.  We will see clouds on the increase, though.

Temperatures this morning are pretty close to where they were yesterday morning with more of a wind chill factor in play.  Indianapolis is feeling like ten degrees, so heavy winter coat and gloves are still needed.  We'll continue to have a 5-10 mph breeze throughout the day but the wind will actually pump in some milder air and get our highs higher than yesterday, so that's just the improvement we were hoping for.

The Bus Stop Forecast shows the cold this morning with temperatures getting to the freezing line around lunchtime.  Highs this afternoon will hit 40°, which is actually a little above average and warmer than most of the last week.

Thursday will climb to a high of 43 degrees but we'll have a few light showers to deal with.

More rain is expected Friday and we'll spend another Saturday dealing with a wintry mix.  A dusting of snow is possible on Saturday but an official forecast won't come out until we get much closer to that event.

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