Tracking a gorgeous stretch of weather


We got all of the rain out of here early in the week so the rest of the forecast is just looking fantastic. We’ve got some leftover cloud cover this morning, but the northerly breeze helped us dip to the low 60s. We’ll get more and more sunshine as the day goes on.

We can’t completely rule out a stray shower today, but rain totals will be minimal so you can certainly still plan to be outside. It really looks like an overall fantastic day.

We’re back behind that cold front now. That’s allowing us to draw our air out of the north now. Not only is that air comfortably cooler but also much drier!

We’ve had our share of 70+ dew points this summer- that’s when we get that more intense heat – so as we see those numbers drop to the 50s, expect some of the most comfortable weather of the year. Heat and humidity will build back in in time for the weekend.

Plenty of sunshine is expected for the next few days. Chilly mornings that feature the 50s will be the coolest we’ve been since the beginning of June. Rain chances don’t return significantly until Sunday. Enjoy!

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