Tracking a couple chances for snow before the weekend starts

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I’m watching two waves of energy that should impact central Indiana before the weekend begins.


The first is a weather system coming out of the Rocky Mountains. This will bring a weak wave through Indiana Thursday evening. As the energy moves in to Illinois, light snow showers may develop late Thursday afternoon, spreading east through north-central Indiana.

At this time, this doesn’t look to have very much moisture available to produce snow. A 24-computer model average only spits out 0.01″ of liquid. At a 14-16:1 ratio, we are looking at less than a quarter inch of snow. I think a dusting to 1/4″ will be possible, especially in western and northern Indiana. Areas near Peru may be able to squeeze out a half inch.


The second is a system that is arriving on the southwest coast of Canada. It will quickly slide over the Rocky Mountains and pass through the central United States. This one may have a little more moisture and energy to bring an accumulating snow to central Indiana late Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.

With these types of systems we really need to see what is left of the energy once it gets out of the Rockies, and there won’t be a lot time for computer models to sample the energy before it arrives in Indiana.

Latest forecast data suggests central Indiana could see 1″ to 2″ of snow. However, there have been many of these waves produce higher amounts (3″ to 4″). I’m not going to go quite that high just yet, but the potential for a 1″ to 3″ band does look possible.

We will continue to monitor this weather system. There is a chance it fizzles out and doesn’t make it here and there’s also potential for it to drop a couple inches. This forecast is subject to change over the next 24-36 hours, so be sure to stay tuned!


It was a cold morning throughout central Indiana. With wind, wind chill values dropped as low as -28°!

Tuesday morning low temperatures.

Officially, Indianapolis dropped to -3°, the coldest temperature the city has experienced since February 25, 2015.


Indianapolis is on its 76th consecutive hour below freezing (32°F). The airport dropped below 32° at 3pm Sunday, December 24.

Long range data suggests we may extend the number of hours below freezing to over 320 hours. Forecast models don’t have the high temperatures getting to 32° until January 7.

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