Indianapolis reached 90° for the first time of the year on Friday! This is a couple weeks ahead of the average start date for the city, which is on June 19. More heat is on the way for today and the air temperature could even rise a degree or two more compared to yesterday. The UV index is also at an eight, meaning sunburn may happen within 20 minutes if you’re not wearing any sunblock.

Most of the region is going to remain dry today. However, there will be a chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms during peak heating. CBS4 Futureview has a few cells firing up after 3 PM and winding down by 9 PM. After we lose the heat of the day, the rain chances will drop, and skies will become mostly clear after midnight.

 Tomorrow is going to be another warm day with highs running 10-degrees above average. Temperatures will drop this week, especially by Wednesday after a cold front moves over the central Indiana. The boundary could produce a few spotty thunderstorms on Tuesday. However, rain totals are minimal based on the latest forecast model runs.