Summer is three weeks away but we are getting a head start on summer heat this weekend. The average date for our first 90° day of the year is June 19th. With a high of 90°, Friday was the warmest day of the year. It was also the warmest day in Indianapolis in 130 days. The average date for our first 90° day of the year is June 19th.

Now that the “summer sizzle” has arrived, it is going to stick around. The average high temperature this time of year is 79°. We’ll have sunny skies and high temperatures in the low 90s for Saturday and Sunday. Although the temperatures will be well above average, the relative humidity will stay low, so the heat index won’t be oppressive.

Be sure to double check your backseat for kids and pets before you lock the door. With your windows rolled up and the A/C off, the temp can reach ~124° after 30 min inside your car. This can be fatal for those left in the car. The heat will stay with us through Monday.

If you’re not a fan of the heat, there is some good news for you. A cold front will move across the state Tuesday. Scattered showers and storms will be likely as the front passes and cooler air will settle in behind the front. Temperatures will cool down and stay near seasonal levels for the rest of the work week.

June is off to a warm start.

Allergy sufferers will need to be careful this weekend.

This is your reminder of how hot the inside of your car can get in these hot temperatures.

This will be the warmest weekend of the year so far.