Final weekend of summer will feature a fall-like feel, Tropical Storm Beta


The final weekend of summer is here. We have 14 completely dry weekends this year and we’ll add to that number as we will have sunny skies with no rain in the weekend forecast. A cold front moved across the state Thursday and the coolest air of the summer has moved in. A streak of 119 days with a high of 70 degrees or higher for Indianapolis ended Friday with our high of 68 degrees. Lows will be in the 40s and highs will be near 70 this Saturday and Sunday.

So far, September has been a dry month with only three wet days, and over the past seven weeks central Indiana has developed a two and a half inch rainfall deficit. The lack of rainfall has led to abnormally dry soil conditions across most the state. The dry spell will continue as we are not expecting any precipitation for the next seven days.

Each year 22 names are selected by The National Hurricane Center for tropical systems and as tropical storms develop they assigned a corresponding name. So far this year we have had 24. Once the 22 reserved names are assigned, the Greek alphabet is used. Tropical Storm Alpha has developed off the coast of Portugal in western Europe and Tropical Storm Beta has formed in the western Gulf of Mexico. Beta will likely make landfall in southern Texas next week.

This has been a very dry month.

Most of the state could use some rain.

Expect a sunny Saturday.

Expect a sunny Sunday.

Daylight hours are getting shorter.

Fall begins next week.

Three tropical systems have developed in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 24th tropical storm of the season has formed in the western Gulf of Mexico.

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