INDIANAPOLIS – Central Indiana warms up just in time for Thanksgiving!

Indianapolis Thanksgiving forecast guide

Wednesday (Travel Day) – We start warming up just in time for Thanksgiving. The big travel day on Wednesday will feature a good amount of sunshine and dry skies. This should make for ideal weather conditions while traveling.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) – The warm air in the mid 50s should stick with us making it a little more comfortable as you’re carrying around dishes of food. A little bit of rain, and at times cloudier skies than sunshine will be present throughout the day.

Friday (Shopping) – The early morning low temperatures should be above freezing. It will still be decently chilly, but not unbearable. Light rain showers have the best chance of showing up before 8 a.m.

Brief warming during Thanksgiving

Our last average high of 50 or warmer is on Monday, and for the first time in over a week we’ll come close to the mark. With a strong southwest wind, it will feel chilly, but highs will begin to run back into the mid to upper 40s. A mostly sunny sky will not hurt either.

Indianapolis 7-day forecast

The southwest wind continues though begins to lighten up on Tuesday. Mostly to partly sunny skies prevail again. Highs are expected to return back above average in the low 50s and should hover there through Thursday!

Monday at a glance