INDIANAPOLIS – Get ready for some beautiful weather as we enjoy several days of sunshine and warmth ahead!

Sunday forecast

Sunday will feature another delightful day of weather in the Circle City. The sun to shine brightly throughout the day as mostly sunny skies prevail. We will begin the morning on the cool side with lows in the upper 40s, but expect a comfortable high in the mid 70s later on. It will be a pleasant day for any outdoor plans you may have!

Sunny stretch of weather

We kick off this excellent week with temperatures reaching the upper 70s on Monday and likely breaking into the low 80s on Tuesday. It’ll be the perfect opportunity to step outside and soak up some sun as clouds will be few and far between. Humidity will be on the low end each day, which will add to the beautiful conditions. Expect clear skies and a gentle breeze to accompany as well. If you’re looking to spend some time outdoors while its a bit cooler, morning lows will be in the low to mid 50s each day.

Indianapolis 7-day forecast