A new week brings a new weather pattern and the change has already begun. A stationary front is draped across the Great Lakes. That is keeping the frigid air to our north. With southwest winds and sunshine, temperatures will stay near seasonal levels this week. The average high temperature for this time of year is 49°. For Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures will climb into the low to mid 50s.

Travel ahead of the holiday looks uneventful across the nation and most areas will remain quiet until late Wednesday. If you will be traveling locally or to states nearby, showers will be passing through the region by the middle of the week as a cold front approaches. In central Indiana Thursday will be a cloudy, mild day with rain developing in the evening. The scattered showers will continue through Friday.

A second weather system will move north from the Gulf of Mexico and push more rain toward the state. So far this year we’ve 27 weekends with either rain or snow and this will be a wet weekend. Rain will spread cross Indiana late Saturday and continue through Sunday. Up to an inch of rain is likely. Precipitation since September 1st is more than five inches below average so the rain will be welcome.

Wednesday will be a sunny, cool day.

Thursday will be a cloudy, cool day.

This has been a dry season and much-needed rain is on the way.

Temperatures will stay above average through the weekend.