Sunday Night Weather

We wrap up another nice weekend weatherwise with another round of pretty sunsets. More clouds in the southern locations are connected to moisture from Hurricane Delta. The whole state sees clearing skies overnight.
Another fine day with temperatures at least 10 degrees above average for October 11. Average high is in the upper 60s this time of the month.
Above average warm temperatures for lows Monday morning. Also, a bit more humidity in the air.
Back to above average temperatures Monday afternoon.
Sunday night there were some showers and storms associated with a cold front moving through the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa. this system is headed to Indiana on Monday.
By mid afternoon, the showers will be moving into western Indiana and then tracking across the state for a few hours. Unfortunately, the rainfall amounts will probably not be enough to turn our grass green.
Well above average temperatures the first part of the week and then well below average temperatures the second half of the week.

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