We are expecting strong to possibly severe thunderstorms tonight in Central Indiana. Most of the state is under a “marginal” risk to see storms turn severe, but the far southern edge of Indiana has a better chance to see these thunderstorms produce severe wind and hail. In states to the south, the risk for severe weather is much higher. The main timing of the severe threat runs from approximately 7 PM to midnight.

Our primary concern with these storms will be strong, gusty winds, and isolated flooding issues. Winds could make it harder to drive at times. We are anticipating 20-30 mph steady winds out of the south, gusting to 50 at times. This can also cause power outages with saturated grounds and a high gust.

A wind advisory is also in effect for tonight. This will be in place until 10 PM this evening. However, with the risk of severe thunderstorms until midnight, we are expecting some isolated stronger gusts of wind to be present after the wind advisory has expired.

While we could see a few storms in western Indiana firing up before 7 PM, it won’t be until a little closer to sunset that we get these storms to become more widespread or dangerous. Here is the progression of the incoming line of showers and storms from 8 PM until 1 AM.

While the severe threat will pass over night, some scattered rain showers and drizzle will stick around into Thursday. Temperatures will also drop into the mid 40s, with much cooler air passing through tomorrow.