INDIANAPOLIS – Strong showers and thunderstorms are on the way to Indiana today. The severe weather threat for Monday is a low level risk, however, storms have severe potential after 2 p.m. This comes after a weekend full of sunshine and nice weather!

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Tropical storm Alex

Tropical Storm Alex is one of the disturbances in the Atlantic currently. It has winds of 65 mph, as it moves northeast at 28 mph. Alex needs winds of 74 mph in order to reach hurricane status.

Severe weather possible Monday

As of Sunday evening, most of Indiana is under a marginal (level 1/5) risk for strong storms to turn severe. The timing of this could start as early as afternoon Monday, with more organization developing during the evening commute. Increasing clouds will be present at the beginning of the day, with showers and gusty winds present.

Timing out the Monday storms

Before 3 p.m. Monday, isolated storm cells begin to pop up, as cloud coverage increases. Gusty winds will be present as well. By 5 p.m. the showers get a little more organized and band together, stretching nearly the entire length of the state from north to south. That main line begins to push eastward on the Indiana-Ohio border after 7 p.m. Showers and thunderstorms will remain in the area close to sunset.

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