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The heat was on across Central Indiana once again; Sunday becoming the 8th day across the last 9 to breach 90 degrees. Storm activity today has been isolated with the most of the activity occurring across Northern Indiana. With that said, there is still a chance for scattered storm development through north & central parts of the state until midnight. This comes ahead of a cold front, which will bring significant change to our weather this week.

We will wake up to a sun & cloud mix by the morning with a few isolated storms ahead of the front. The sun will be out through the morning, which will help us reach the mid 80’s by lunchtime. Storm activity will become scattered as we heat up in the afternoon and this will cap our highs in Central & Southern Indiana. If you plan to be outside, make sure you have a place to head indoors. Storm activity will again wane as we head into the night as the front crosses the border into Kentucky.

Tuesday will be much cooler with that summertime air now out of our way. Showers will remain a possibility, particularly to the southeast, as the remnant of Hurricane Ida makes a pass through the Midwest. Clouds will win out the day as well with a chance for a few showers into the start of Wednesday.ADVERTISING

Though the morning may start off gray, Wednesday will end up being one of the nicest days this week as our sky clears in the afternoon. It will be comfortable with a high in the low 80’s and low humidity too! Our weather will feel much more September-like through Friday with plenty of sun to go along with it too.