Snow much fun! Students, teachers in central Indiana enjoy day off with some sledding


IRVINGTON, Ind. — After a year that has been anything but normal for students and school staff across central Indiana, Tuesday was a welcomed day off for many who got to enjoy a snow day.

At Ellenberger Park in historic Irvington, families grabbed their toboggans and saucers and headed to the rolling hills to sled.

“It’s great! Finally something significant,” said William Potter, who was at the park with his family Tuesday.

“This is an Irvington tradition to come out to Ellenberger Park and use this hill,” he said.

His wife, Melanie Potter, is a teacher whose district was set to resume full-time, in-person classes beginning Tuesday. She was thrilled both students and staff had the day off to enjoy the snow.

“It’s awesome to finally have a snow day and actually have a day to have fun,” she said. “Kids actually were supposed to start back today full force, five days a week, so this is awesome to have a snow day and a break.”

Friends Lily Kapp and Brooklyn Martin had a blast sledding Tuesday afternoon. Kapp said she had the day off of school, but Martin’s classes resumed e-learning, so she enjoyed a sledding break before her next session began.

“It’s hard to get back up for sure,” said Kapp. “It’s been really fun sledding because we almost never get snow in Indiana, so it’s really hard to go sledding most of the time.”

The girls, who are neighbors, came to the park together. However, while Kapp is a sledding veteran, Martin said she’s never gone sledding before Tuesday.

“It’s really fun because like, it’s a different kind of adrenaline,” said Martin.

“It’s kind of like a rollercoaster but on the ground. So it’s better to me because rollercoasters are scary.”

The Meyers family also spent the morning at Ellenberger Park, going down the hill multiple times with their son, Luke.

“We’re lucky we don’t have anywhere to go, so it works out,” said Meyers.

“We’re worried about all of those who have to drive or are without power this morning, but for those of us who just get to be home, it’s an okay day.”

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