INDIANAPOLIS – A chance for snow showers continues into the start of our week as high temperatures fall to the mid to upper 30s.

Recap weekend snow

Local storm reports indicate snowfall up to 3 inches in some portions of Central Indiana, including Muncie. The snow was able to stick to elevated and grassy surfaces overnight into early Sunday morning. Most of the snow melted off pretty quickly on Sunday, leaving behind slick spots and slushy grounds.

Another chance for snow

Periods of light snow showers are possible heading into Monday. We’ll see an isolated wintry mix Sunday night. As temperatures get cooler over night, below freezing in the 20s, snow will have an easier time making it all the way to the surface level. Prepare ahead to dress warmer Monday morning and to give yourself plenty of time to drive in the morning commute with incoming light snow.

Windy on Monday

Wind gusts will be ~30 mph on Monday. This will make the already cool temperatures feel much cooler! Dress accordingly for a late blast of winter air to fall over Indiana tomorrow!

Monday Forecast

Cool temperatures in the mid to upper 30s will be around with us on Monday. Gusty winds around 30 mph will make it feel much cooler. Periods of light snow showers will be present, especially early in the day Monday.