INDIANAPOLIS – We’ve already had a few light snow sightings in Indiana this April. Looks like Friday will give us another shot at wintry precipitation.

But first, more rain Thursday

Just as quickly as we dry out Wednesday evening, more rain showers return for Thursday. Tomorrow showers will remain fairly light and scattered. We are still dry by 10 AM Thursday. After lunch time is when light scattered showers start to fill out across Central Indiana. We go back to drier conditions for Wednesday evening. Flip through the slideshow to see how the rain develops into the afternoon!

Snow potential for Indiana?

Yes! It looks like as we continue with this wet pattern, we get cold enough air heading into Friday to support snow showers. By 8 AM, a section of snow showers with a thin line of mixing and rain develops around Bloomington, stretching all the way northeast to Muncie and beyond. This system turns to mostly light rain into the afternoon. Then by the late evening hours, it’s possible that mixed precipitation returns heading into Saturday.

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Tomorrow’s planner

We won’t be able to tap into that head mentioned in the tweet above. Temperatures still just hovering in the mid to upper 40s tomorrow. That’s about 10 degrees below normal.