INDIANAPOLIS – Strong evening storms have the potential to pose a severe weather threat in Indiana today. The entire state is at risk for heavier showers and strong thunderstorms to reach severe criteria.

Be prepared before the storms!

Make sure you have a plan in place in case a severe thunderstorm or tornado comes your way. You want to go to interior rooms in the home. The lowers floor of the house is best. Don’t forget to stay away from windows; remember it’s not safe to watch the storm through the glass!

Timing out the severe storm potential for Saturday evening

Saturday night, especially after sunset is when storms entering the state will pick up extra energy. After 7 p.m. is when we expect stronger storms to increase with severe potential. The biggest threat will be damaging winds and large hail. Radar by 9 p.m. is expected to be very active. Heavy downpours and excessive lighting will also be a concern with these storms.

Severe weather threat may linger overnight into Sunday morning

We will continue to monitor storms throughout the evening and overnight hours into early Sunday. Make sure you check in with our social media accounts outside of show times if you wake up to some rumbles of thunder late Saturday night – early Sunday morning. We will be here analyzing radar and updating our channels with the storm information you need to know, should storms continue to stay strong overnight.

The storm environment

We’re in a nice plume of moisture, tapping into some gulf energy. Dew point temperature is at 60° in Indianapolis by 5:30 p.m. Warm air from the south is being pushed in at the surface. Check out the surface flow as several thunderstorms in the area:

All about that wind energy!

Sustained winds are ramping up to 20 mph at times. Gusts have been 30+ so far. There have been isolated higher gusts within thunderstorms.

The all-clear is expected early Sunday morning

We are expecting things to start quickly drying out Sunday morning. The day will feature plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures after the storms pass. Cloudy skies begin to break down by 9 a.m.