The rest of Sunday

Sunday severe threat

The yellow area has the best chance to see strong storms turn severe Sunday evening. The main threat will be heavy downpours and gusty winds. In the green shaded space, strong storms will be present as well until sunset.

Sunday storm timing

The day will start off drier with a few scattered showers far northern Indiana. After lunch time, a line of showers dips south to bring storms across central Indiana.

Storms will linger overnight into Monday morning

Thunderstorm activity spreads out a bit as we get closer to sunset Sunday night. A few of these showers and storms may remain into the overnight hours into early Monday morning. By sunrise though, they should be drying out. This will set us up for a mostly dry start to the work week.

Drought monitor update

Of course the rain we have on the way for this weekend is much welcomed as we continue to battle drought conditions across the state. The moderate drought section has been reduced by half according to the latest drought monitor report issued this past Thursday. We are expecting with good enough rain chances this weekend and the week ahead, to scale this section back even further.