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Merry Christmas! Temperatures made it into the low 60s on this Christmas day, which is the second warmest of all time for the date. It was 63 degrees downtown and ran all the way up to 67 degrees in Bloomington! Only one other Christmas since the start of the 20th century has been this warm.

Rain and even a few rumbles of thunder impacted us at the start of the day ahead of an advancing cold front. That front has since passed through which means cooler and drier air is now streaming in from the northwest. Clearing will occur as we progress through the night with temps reaching the mid 30s by morning.

Sunday will be a nice turnaround in our weather with a mostly sunny sky to start off our day. Clouds will stay out of our way for the most part, but a developing storm system will return them before the day’s end. Highs will climb back into the upper 40s with the sun and a shift in the wind direction. This may be one of the sunniest days until the end of the work week, so take full advantage!

Rain will return as we head overnight into Monday, but should not linger beyond the mid morning. Wind will be strong overnight and Monday will remain a breezier day with a flow of warm southerly air. Temperatures will only drop to the mid 40s overnight and are expected to climb as high as the mid 60s during the day! A few breaks in the clouds in the afternoon are sure to help with this too. This would become our 10th day in the 60s in December, which would tie the all-time record!

Tuesday will then follow up with what could end up being a complete washout. Rainy weather and cooler, but mild temps will make up the rest of our weather. We’ll have another day close to 50 on Wednesday with a shower or two possible, but drier and cooler weather will settle in briefly after that.