Rainfall chances dwindle again while summer-like warmth rolls on


The month of October may have STARTED off feeling like fall, but now, we’re back to more of a summer-feel. Dry air in place combined with sunshine means temperatures have been taking a big swing from the morning into the afternoon. Thursday morning started off with temperatures in the low and mid 40s in many locations. By the afternoon, we were in the mid to upper 70s and lower 80s across central Indiana.

Drought conditions continue to expand across the area. 31% of the state is now considered to be under a moderate drought, and much of that lies within central Indiana. Since August 19th, Indianapolis has only recorded 0.12″ of rain, making it the driest for these dates on record. Plus, we have also taken the title as the longest period on record to go with only recording 0.12″ of rain or less. We are now at 51 days.

The outlook on our rain chances isn’t very promising. The system that is now Hurricane Delta is looking unlikely to provide us any rainfall as its remnants pass nearby over the weekend. The latest track slides the remnants of this system to our south by Sunday afternoon.

Rain chances in the forecast are VERY slim. However, a cold front passing Monday evening has the potential to produce some showers across the state. How much? Again, the outlook isn’t looking great. As is the pattern with these systems during a drought, rainfall amounts often dry up as we get closer to these events. We will continue to monitor and update as we get closer to early next week.

Enjoy the warmth! It’s going to hold on a good while longer. It is October though and eventually, there will be a tipping point. After several more 80-degree days in the forecast, the 8-14 day outlook gives a higher probability of shifting to below average temperatures by the third week of October.

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