Rain turning to snow; rush of cold air for central Indiana


Rain has been falling all morning and as temperatures slowly fall we are seeing that rain mix over to snow. Pavement temperatures are warm enough to melt snow immediately so just wet road for the AM commute. We could see roads get slicker as we head into the afternoon–mainly east of the city where snow will be longest lived.

Cold air is spilling into central Indiana and the wind is picking up. Gusty winds will mean a wind chill in the 20s all day and chills in the teens overnight. A wintry blast, indeed.

Snow will be highest where the lake effect can keep that snow going longer in our northern counties. Under 2 inches are still expected. Just a dusting for Indianapolis and no accumulations for Terre Haute.

Tonight will be the coldest night since April and the next four days will be the coldest stretch of weather we’ve had since February.

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