INDIANAPOLIS – It has been a gorgeous start to the new week with dry air in place and a comfortable warmth across the region. To this point, high pressure has been a major player in our weather, and has sustained the beautiful conditions. That high pressure is moving out though and a change in our weather is on its way.

Wednesday’s chance in pace

Temperatures overnight will stay on the mild end as clouds begin to build from the northwest overnight. By the morning, lows will be nearly the upper 50s under an overcast sky. A low pressure system is expected to make a pass through the state during the day and this will allow showers to lead things off around daybreak. Showers will be off and on until the late morning at which point a round of showers & storms will roll through until the mid afternoon. Despite the majority of the day bein gray however, we will turn over to more sunshine in the evening and it may be a sneaky nice time to get outside. Highs will be held in check by the rain too with temps peaking in the low 70s. Things will continue to dry overnight, though it will stay mild once again.

Summer’s sojourn in Central Indiana

Thursday & Friday will feel like a throwback to last week. Warmer air will once again stream out of the Southern US and supply us with a more noticeable level of humidity along with highs in the 80s. Thursday will be a partly cloudy day with a chance for evening storms. Friday will be the warmer of the two with highs coming within a few degrees of 90. It will be partly cloudy until the late evening when storms will begin to move in from the northwest. The timing of these storms still remains vague, but there’s a chance we could see this first round linger into Saturday morning with another chance for storms on Saturday afternoon. At this point, it does appear a low end severe weather threat exists too. Cooler weather will follow as we progress through the weekend.