We’ve had great weather to wrap up the work week on this Friday across central Indiana. High temps rose to seasonal levels, in the upper 70s, but a significant drop is coming tonight as the day’s warmth escapes back up into the atmosphere, all thanks to our clear sky and light wind.

Friday night football weather is excellent as the games get underway, but a jacket/sweatshirt will be needed after sunset when temps start to decrease quickly.

By morning, our temperatures fall to some of the lowest readings all summer. A number of locations surrounding Indianapolis will drop into the upper 40s.

After the chilly start, we’ll rebound nicely during the day and highs will reach the upper 70s by late in the afternoon.

A cold front moving in from the west means clouds increase on Saturday and there’s a slight rain chance during the day. Better chances, though still scattered, come Saturday night and on Sunday.

Due to the scattered nature of the rain and t-storms, the amounts of rain that will accumulate will vary greatly across central Indiana. In the heaviest pockets, around an inch or more of rain is possible. Many of you are hoping for rain this weekend, since it’s been a dry September so far. The region is generally around an inch or more below average in the rainfall department for the month-to-date.

With the cold front heading east on Sunday, and some rain, too, the day ends up cooler than Saturday. However, warmth increases next week and we are back to the 80s on Wednesday.