Rain from “Barry” followed by dangerous heat and humidity

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A front is projected to stall out of the northern third of Indiana Sunday afternoon.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible along the front, however I think it will be a rather narrow corridor seeing rain.

Computer model projection of radar/satellite imagery.

For those that get rain, it could come down at a quick clip.  Overall, with the corridor, rainfall could equal 0.10″ to 0.75″ of rain.  Amounts could be higher for a few locales if rain develops and does not move.

Otherwise, temperatures will be a couple of degrees warmer than Saturday’s highs around 90°.

Forecast high temperatures Sunday.


It looks like Indiana will get a visit from what is now Tropical Storm Barry.  The system will first start to send clouds, humidity and a little wind starting Tuesday morning.  That will be followed by rain later Tuesday evening.

The remnants of “Barry” are expected to bring rain to central Indiana Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rain chances from Barry will remain in the forecast through Wednesday.  Most of the rain will be out of the state by Wednesday evening.

There remains some question as to how widespread the moisture will fall over central Indiana.  However, with the tropical nature of the system, and the moisture with it, if you get under rain it will likely fall at a high rate.  Medium range computer models suggest 0.38″ to 0.99″ of rain for Indianapolis during that time period.


It has been very warm and humid as of late but long range computer models suggest that the temperatures and humidity could go even higher by the end of the week.

There are hints that an upper-level “hot dome” could establish itself over the Ohio River Valley by week’s end.  And data suggests it does not go away quickly.  Long range data suggests the high heat and humidity from the hot dome could remain in the Hoosier state through the beginning of the following week.

Long range computer models suggest an upper-level hot dome sets up over the Midwest next weekend.

Winds at the surface are projected to be out of the southwest helping pump up moisture in the lower levels of the atmosphere.  That means that humidity levels could become higher with dew point temperatures in the middle 70°s.

Combine that kind of moisture in the air with air temperatures topping out in the middle/upper 90°s starting Friday and heat indices could top out in the 110° range.

Projected peak heat index later in the week.

It is rare Indianapolis reaches a 110°+ heat index.  It has been a little over seven years since Indianapolis last reached a 110° heat index.  The last time was at 1 p.m. on June 29, 2012.

When looking even further back in to the numbers, Indianapolis has spent a total of 40 hours with a heat index of 110°+ in June, July and August since 1970.  That equals about 0.03% of the hours.

It will be important for you to hydrate with water and sports drinks ahead of the heat if the forecast remains on track over the next couple of days.  This means you should start hydrating your body starting Tuesday if you have to spend much time outdoors Thursday through early the following week.

Let’s hope the air temperature doesn’t climb to the upper 90°s with dew points in the middle 70°s for the end of the week!

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