A bit above normal for this Sunday with a high of 56° for Indianapolis. It also served as another sun-splashed day across our skies. We’ll have more sunshine this week thanks to dominating high pressure keeping things quiet. The upper-levels of our atmosphere will also experience mild “ridging” that will allow slightly milder air back into Central Indiana.

First, take advantage of the sunny days at this time of the year. Behind December and January, November is Indy’s third cloudiest month on average. Indianapolis sees 41% of its possible sunshine throughout the month of November. We’ll have continued sunny to mostly sunny skies at least through the middle of the week. More clouds will be expected ahead of a late-week cold front that will also give off some rain chances.

This week, Central Indiana can expect its warmest days by midweek. Mid-to-upper 60s are likely both Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the lower 60s Monday and Tuesday. We’ll start to cloud over late Thursday ahead of a cold front passage. That cold front will pass through and spawn off some light rain showers very late Thursday. These chances will continue through Friday but I’m not expecting any big-time beneficial rains to come from this. Season-to-date and year-to-date, Central Indiana continues to be in a rainfall deficit.

Counties south of Indianapolis and Marion County are still in a Moderate Drought, too.

For this week and even next week, our air will be quite dry. With the dry airmass, our dry grounds and some light winds, concerns for fire weather are there for this first half of the workweek. Fires can easily spread in open areas thanks to the dryness of the grounds and any light winds can make that occur. Plus without much moisture at the surface to work with, fires can spread easily.

After Friday, we’ll clear out for next weekend with temperatures remaining mild for this time of the year. However, it won’t be as mild as the workdays this week. Leading up to Thanksgiving, I’d anticipate a milder trend overall before potential changes around the holiday.