INDIANAPOLIS – Looking at lots of sunshine for days across the Hoosier state! Enjoy this beautiful start to the month of October.

Sunday at a glance

The general experience for Sunday will be mostly sunny, a brief period of clouds in the first part of the day, and breezy conditions.

Straight-up sunshine for Hoosiers

Nothing but net!… Oops. Basketball puns are hard to shake as a Hoosier. Nothing but sunshine for the state of Indiana for the next couple of days. A few clouds here and there may pop in during the day, but overall sunshine. Dry skies overhead with minimal cloud coverage coming our way.

Windy conditions

It was a breezy day across central Indiana. Columbus reported peak gusts over 30 mph. Sunday will be breezy as well, with winds gusting over 20 mph.

Low humidity

We have a very dry airmass overhead. Dewpoint temperatures stay below 50 degrees, so the air will be dry and comfy! Humidity will not be an issue whatsoever.