Central Indiana is in desperate need of rainfall and fortunately, it’s back in the forecast this week. However, if you have outdoor plans Monday you can leave the raingear at home. This will be a dry day with sunshine and comfortable temperatures back in the low 80s.

Low pressure to our northwest associated with a quasi-stationary front to our west will bring rain chances starting Tuesday. While a few isolated showers are possible Tuesday morning, we really won’t see much rain until the afternoon. Even then, it’s not looking to be a lot. Widely scattered showers and storms are expected Tuesday afternoon and evening but plenty of dry gaps in between. Several waves of rain will move through Tuesday through Thursday morning with Wednesday looking to be our wettest day.

Overall, rainfall total could reach up to ~3/4″, maybe even 1″ in some locations. This will not be evenly distributed but we’ll take everything we can get. ~1/3rd of the state is under Moderate Drought conditions.

After a brief cooldown to seasonal temperatures in the mid 70s during the middle of the week, a brand new warmup gets underway for the weekend. If you liked this past weekend, you’ll like the next one too.