Much colder and briefly active for central Indiana, with snow on the way for some areas

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Wow!  Frigid air has slid into the Upper Plains with Bismarck waking up 20 degrees below zero and wind chills another 15 degrees colder.  Back in Indiana, we have a northwesterly wind this morning, so we are receiving some of that cold air and returning to average temperatures.  Winter coats definitely needed again!

Wind chills are in the teens and mid to low 20s.  Bundle up before you head out this morning because the wind is icy!

Thursday is starting off with some clouds but those will exit pretty early on, leaving us with a mostly sunny afternoon.  Throw open the blinds and let that sunshine in!  We'll turn more active tomorrow and we'll be missing the sun again.

Up to an inch of snow will fall in Indy and our northern towns Friday afternoon.  Temperatures will be rising, so any snow that we manage to accumulate will be washed away quickly when we transition to rain early Saturday morning.  There will be more substantial snow NW of us.  We can't rule out some icing but mainly just concerned about bridges because ground temperatures won't be far below freezing by then.

We could see snowflakes as early as when the kids come home from school on Friday afternoon, but most of us won't see the snow until closer to dinnertime.  We could see minor accumulations but not expecting more than an inch in our area.  South of Indianapolis it is unlikely that snow will really accumulate at all.

Because we'll have that system passing through, temperatures will actually be rising Friday night which will turn the snow to rain after midnight.  Showers will continue Saturday morning with a half to three quarters of an inch possible.  This will wash away any minor snow accumulations and make Saturday morning a great one to sleep in.

Once the rain exits Saturday around lunchtime, we'll stay dry for a couple of days.  Temperatures are about to get much colder!  Overnight lows will drop to the teens and lower which will be the coldest we've been since before Christmas.  I think that we could actually adjust those overnight lows to the single digits as the forecast develops over the next couple of days.

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