INDIANAPOLIS – Temperatures turn much colder for the middle of next week in Indiana!

Friday at a glance

Mixed precipitation this weekend

This weekend, we’ll see a brief rain to snow mix. This will mainly be on the rain-focused side of mixed precipitation. Although, areas farther north will maintain the cooler temperatures and receive light snow for a brief period. This should not be a weather disrupter. But be ready for the ground to be a little wet when you wake up Sunday morning!

Get ready for the drop in temperatures!

Afternoon highs will be getting pretty cold next week. Tuesday looks to be one of our coldest days of the week right now. Statistically this is when we should be warming up, but instead, we will be dropping cooler. These temperatures are modeled for next Tuesday! Pretty chilly:

Why are we dropping colder?

A cold Canadian air mass dips pretty far south next week. It keeps these colder air temperatures in place over head in Indiana. A high pressure system will be passing near by, and that clockwise rotation will be driving colder air down to the surface, pulling it in from the north.

Indianapolis 7 day forecast

Highs fall into the 20s by the middle of next week, with not much of a temperature range from high to low. Get ready for the much cooler air as we prepare for the start of February! Plus we’ll see more chances for lighter snow showers into next week.