INDIANAPOLIS – It’s nice to finish the weekend on a mostly sunny note through Sunday evening. But the pattern setting up this week likely won’t live up to your early spring expectations.

Brief dry break with sunshine

Sunday’s dry break won’t last long. The sunshine will be a sight for sore eyes compared to how cloudy and damp our weather patterns have been, but the pattern won’t hold. As cloudier skies start taking over Sunday evening, chances for rain increases for northern counties.

Rain returns early Monday

Rain showers come back just as quickly as they left Central Indiana. By early Monday morning, scattered showers will be seen across the state. 5 AM showers will be more widespread. By 9 AM, heavier pockets of rain move eastward. Lighter showers are left behind just after lunch time. By Monday evening, many will dry out with mostly cloudy skies.

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Looking ahead

The longer-range pattern looks to be shaping up more gray and rainy weather for us. Temperatures stay un the upper 50s and low 60s through the mid-week. But as we get closer to the weekend, there will be cooler and rainy air moving through. This closed off low pressure system keeps us from seeing the typical spring weather we’d like in the first week of April.