Thursday began cool with temperatures in the 50s. Up to an inch of rain fell across the state, and the day ended sunny and mild. Friday will start with rain as the second warm front of the week moves across the state. The heaviest rain will fall early in the day, mainly north of I-70, and highs will be in the 70s Friday afternoon.

This upcoming weekend will be the sixteenth weekend of the year. So far we’ve had eight weekends with either rain or snow and eight completely dry weekends. This weekend will mainly be a dry one. Expect sunny skies Saturday and a chance for scattered thunderstorms late Sunday. However, this will be the warmest weekend of the year so fat with highs in the 80s.

The record highs for Saturday and Sunday are 88 and 90 degrees, respectively, and we’ll be close to those levels of warmth.

Rain fell across the state early Thursday.

This has been a wet month so far.

The heaviest rain will fall north of I-70, mainly early Friday.

Highs will be in the 70s Friday.

We have had eight, dry weekends this year.

This will be the warmest weekend in six months.