Monday Weather

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This map tells the story about what we are facing the next several days. Anywhere it is green, the dew point is higher than 60 and the air is very humid. These conditions set the stage for scattered showers.

Sunday afternoon temperatures at, or above average for most of Indiana.

Then factor in that humidity and it feels even a few degrees warmer. Some spots feeling like 90+ Sunday afternoon.

Usually, these weather conditions mean Live Guardian Radar would be active. But all quiet late this afternoon because the upper levels of the atmosphere are not supporting cloud and storm development. This will NOT be the case over the next several days.

Monday afternoon the atmosphere should be more favorable for scattered shower development.

No change in the air mass for Monday. Another steamy day. Be prepared for scattered showers and storms developing in the afternoon.

Daily chances of showers at lest through Thursday. Late in the week there may be a slight change in the weather pattern. Still very warm, but showers look less likely.

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