The average high temperature this time of year is 82°, and Thursday was the fourth consecutive 90° day for Indianapolis. A cold front will move across the state Friday morning and cooler, drier air will settle in and lower temperatures and dewpoints through the weekend. We’ll have sunny skies and highs in the mid-80s through Sunday.

Summer officially starts Tuesday and after a brief break from heat and high humidity, another heatwave will take hold for next week. Highs will be in the 90s Monday through Thursday, and computer models are forecasting warmer temperatures than we had this week.

So far June has been a dry month with rainfall over an inch below average. Although the dry weather has allowed farmers to catch up on starting the growing season, we could use some rain. Unfortunately, there is no major chance for rain for the Hoosier state until next Thursday at the earliest.

This has been the warmest week of the year so far.

Temperatures will be milder Friday afternoon.

Daylight hours are still growing.

Recent dry weather has allowed farmers to work the fields.

We have ha d 10, dry weekends this year.

Expect a cooler, less humid weekend.

Summer officially starts next week.