INDIANAPOLIS – Our first 70 degree day occurred last week and parts of Central Indiana will have a chance to repeat again on Monday.

Warming up on Monday

We’ll wake up to a mild Monday morning following a partly clear night with temps in the low 40s. The day will begin with a mix of sun & clouds and a southerly breeze. Temps will warm quickly with the sun and wind, and should steadily rise through most of the day. By the peak of the afternoon, we should see temps reaching the low 70s in Southern Indiana and upper 60s across the metro area. More clouds and a even a stray shower will be present in Northern Indiana and will keep highs 5-10 degrees cooler as a result. Temps will fall quickly and steadily overnight following the passage of a cold front.

A stretch of seasonable days ahead

We have not had many days of near-average weather this year, but that will begin to change by Tuesday this week. High temps will fall into the upper 40s on the back of a northerly wind. This is right where we’d expect high temps to fall this time of year. This northerly wind will remain persistent and clouds will be more abundant for a few days as well. No major storm systems are expected to develop, but a few waves of energy will pass through the region. Our weather is not expected to become more active again until late Thursday and most of Friday when rain showers and even a couple snowflakes make an appearance.