Labor Day weekend is often considered the “unofficial” end to summer as we prepare for fall soon. However, the weather and mother nature keep summer conditions around Central Indiana with higher humidity levels and slightly higher temperatures coming in time for Labor Day.

Indianapolis reached 88º for a high Saturday, which is six degrees above the average high of 82º. Thanks to a continued area of high pressure keeping our skies clear and conditions quiet, it will also allow muggier air and hotter temperatures starting on Sunday. Expect highs to approach 90º with many hometowns possibly surpassing that for a high.

Hoosiers should also expect to “feel” the air a bit more on Sunday thanks to rising dew points on the Muggy Meter. Dew points will be in the upper 60s, so not as humid as we’ve felt before but there will be more moisture in our air compared to the majority of this week.

Muggy Meter Forecast through next week
Temperature Departures From Normal Labor Day Monday

We’ll have even more marginal heat for Labor Day with forecast highs around 8-10º above normal. Most spots will be in the lower 90s for highs with dew points right around 70º. Central Indiana will also remain dry through Labor Day, which is great news for any outdoor plans. Be sure to have the sunblock handy as UV indices will be in the “very high” range through Labor Day and into next week.

UV Index Forecast

Rain chances, although low at this time, return to the forecast starting Tuesday afternoon. Most of the day will remain dry and the same can be said for the small rain chances Wednesday-Thursday. The small chances exist thanks to a few upper-level disturbances that will move through and may spawn a few showers.

This is also when we’ll see the peak humidity levels thanks to continued southwest flow bringing the moist air here. We’ll remain hotter and more humid through Thursday. Max heat index values will be in the 90s, not expecting to hit 100º this time around.  Then, we’ll see a change in airflow toward the latter half of the workweek.

By next weekend, the cooler northwest flow we’ve had for most of the summer will return along with a jet stream dip that will get rid of the more humid southwest air. Mainly dry conditions will be around with highs in the mid-to-low 80s starting Friday.