Last chance for the 80s in central Indiana as cooler temperatures arrive this week


Hurricane Sally made landfall as a Category 2 along the Alabama coast early Wednesday morning. A hurricane has not made landfall in Alabama in more than a decade. Flooding concerns will continue along its path as it turns toward Atlanta and then the Carolinas.

Back home is much quieter. Hardly any rain is expected at all for the next week. Temperatures are cold enough for a jacket this morning. Some of our SW counties are the coldest they’ve been since May so don’t feel bad if you turn on the heat in your car this morning. T-shirt and shorts by the afternoon, though. Temperatures will climb to the low 80s before the day is over and I recommend getting outside in it because it’ll be a while until you feel the 80s again.

Despite a rather dry air mass being in place some fog has developed near Terre Haute and Bloomington. After this morning, though, looks like lots of sunshine throughout the day. Partly cloudy and comfortably cool Wednesday night. It’ll really start to feel like fall as we roll into Thursday.

Cold mornings and cool, dry afternoons will be in the picture for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s time to switch to a heavier comforter and your fall decorations.

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